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Parent Bootcamp Season 3: Launching Your Career

Embarking on a career in the television and film industry can be daunting, but this comprehensive three-part course is designed to guide beginners through the process of breaking into this exciting and competitive field.

In the final part of the course, "Launching Your Career," we shift our focus to practical strategies for helping your child enter the industry and taking their first steps toward success. You'll receive guidance on building a personal brand, securing your first job or project, and navigating the challenges and opportunities that arise as your child begins their journey in the television and film industry.

Course Highlights:

Creating a Personal Brand: Develop child's unique brand identity and online presence to attract industry attention. And NO...that doesn't mean just go start an instagram page.
Submission Strategies: Learn effective submission techniques, including industry-specific job boards and networking opportunities.
Student Films & Independent Films: Explore pathways to gain valuable industry experience.
Mentorship and Professional Development: Seek mentorship and ongoing learning to continuously improve your skills.
Overcoming Rejection and Building Resilience: Help your child understand that rejection is a part of the industry and learn how to bounce back stronger. And while your at it, you need to learn this too.
Showcasing Your Work: Create a professional portfolio and reel to showcase your talent and work.
Being Prepared to Be on Set: Get a glimpse of a day in the life of being on-set. Learn child labor laws, documents to have prepared, documents that need to be signed, what school looks like and where you and your child should and should not be at any given time. This course delves into all the do's and don'ts of being "on the lot!"

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