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Image by Denise Jans

Our Team

At MyKi Forever Entertainment, we don't just create entertainment; we create opportunities, mentorship, and a path to success for aspiring talents. Join us on this exciting journey as we pave the way for the stars of tomorrow.


Dr. Kimberly J. Harris

Dr. Kimberly J. Harris is an educator of 30+ years. Her passion is educating others. With over 9 years in film and television and the mother of and co-producer with a Emmy winning (2x Emmy nominated) daughter (and a son whom is also in the industry) she is a wealth of knowledge.

Mykal-Michelle Harris

Mykal-Michelle is an Emmy Award winning ( 2x Emmy nominated) actress who has apprised multiple series regular roles on ABC, Showtime, Peacock, Disney+, Disney Channel, DisneyJr., HBOMax, Cartoon Network and many more.  With an overall network deal, this 12 year old is embarking on producing her first television show.

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